10 Amazing Technologies Applied in a Self-Driving Car

The modern car is one of the most important transportations to most people in the world. Our life is much easier with a car. We can use it to go anywhere we like such as the workplace, shopping center, or recreational park. As time goes by, a car is getting better and better with high-end technology. One of the latest models is the self-driving car. It is a car that can drive on its own and take you to any places you want to go to. Although it is not officially launched yet, the information about its ten technologies has been revealed.

self driving

1. Laser Range Finder

This is a rotating camera placed on the top of the car. You can say it as the heart of the vehicle. It has 64 high-intensity laser beams which enable it to capture 3D images of objects. The function is to measure the distance between itself with other moving vehicles so it can avoid traffic accidents.

2. Front Camera

There is also another camera on the windshield. It aims to see objects in front of the car. It can read information like road signs and traffic light too.

3. Bumper Mounted Radar

This self-driving car has four radars mounted on the front and rear bumpers. Each radar works as digital eyes. Once they detect objects ahead, it will speed up or slow down automatically depending on the road behaviors.

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4. Aerial on the Rear of the Car

The aerial on the rear of the car works like a GPS system. It can receive information about the exact location. By working with the GPS navigation unit, the car can locate itself precisely. However, the system may suddenly be off since there might be signal interference or other disturbances.

5. Ultrasonic Sensors

The ultrasonic sensors on the rear wheels work as the car safety. It can supervise the movement track of the car. Moreover, it can alert you if there are obstacles in the rear.

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6. Devices in the Car

Besides the outside of the vehicle, there are some cool devices applied to the car. Some of them are tachymeter, altimeters, and gyroscopes. These things have various measurements which allow them to determine the position of the car.

7. Synergestic Combining of Sensors

The purpose of these sensors is to compile and interpreted collected data by the in-built software system. Every data will help you to get a safe driving experience.

self driving signal

8. The Ability to Interpret Road Signs

The self-driving car has a software system that can interpret common road signs and behaviors. For example, when there is a cyclist gives a gesture to take a maneuver, the car will slow down the speed. In addition, it can even differentiate between bicycle and motorcycle.

9. Mapping Ability

When this car moves, the laser range finder will be activated. It will run a 3D map of the environment with amazing detail. It will compare it with the pre-existing map to comprehend non-standard aspects of the road. By that, it is able to identify pedestrians or motorists so it can avoid them.

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10. Ability to Detect Real-Life Road Behaviors

Besides being able to detect motorists and slow down for them, it can also detect objects which are not moving.

By looking at all of these technologies, some of us would like to have a self-driving car. However, we still have to wait for it since it is not released to the public yet. Even if the manufacturer has launched it, we can expect it to have a really high price.