iPhone 8: How Much Will It Cost?

iphone 8 priceAs we know, this 2017 Apple will celebrate its 10th anniversary and at the same time, Apple is also rumored to be releasing its latest smartphone, iPhone 8. iPhone 8 itself is rumored to be a surprise for the smartphone world with the design, spesifications, and all the features. Before you decide to save your money to buy this phone, let us find out, is iPhone 8 that great?

Throughout this year, we’ve seen some leaked design of the iPhone 8 either from Apple itself or from other parties. Although there is no official design, we can guess how this smartphone will look like. During this time there are three designs that often become the rumor which are a water-drop design, a rear Touch ID button, and an edge-to-edge design without Touch ID button. Looks like the last design is the winner. Apple itself says that the iPhone 8 will be featured with no home button, full-front display with thin bezels, and a notch at the top for the sensors and earpieces. The phone is rumored to have 5.1 “to 5.2” edge-to-edge OLED screen with stainless steel framed glass chassis.

iPhone may be water resistant but rumor said that it’s best to avoid to use this phone in the water because Apple’s warranty does not cover the damage. IPhone will replace the Touch ID button with facial recognition to improve their security system.

Wireless charging will also be encouraged based on the rumors but more recent speculation, Apple will just use inductive-style wireless charging solution for this device (like their Apple Watch). With iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple introduced us with 256 GB storage, there could be more improvement in the new one with 3 GB RAM. An L-shaped two-cell battery will be included with 2,700 mAh capacity. Although it’s not too big, the battery life could be further because of the efficiency of energy from OLED panel. iPhone 8 will have horizontal dual rear camera system with better (or at least same) resolution than iPhone 7. Both rear and facing camera will support 4K video recording with 60 frames per second. It’s not clear what but rumors said that Apple has improved their Siri functions. How about the color? Benjamin Geski as the top leaker claimed that iPhone 8 will be offered in four colors but these were not detailed.

As in the previous years, Apple released its latest smartphone in September. So, we can estimate that iPhone 8 will be released this year one month from now. This seems to be sure since Apple insider has reported that Apple has been doing verification tests on the iPhone 8 in this month. People said that iPhone 8 will be the most expensive iPhone that Apple’s have ever produced. It will be labelled as “premium” phone which the price will go more than $1,000 since iPhone 7 Plus was sold at more than $970. The price is still just a prediction until now but looking at the design, specification, and features, there might be the truth behind this prediction. So what do you think, does “the great iPhone 8” worth your $1000?

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